Class Modifications

Ok, so there have been a few changes to keep things uniformly crunchy in levels 1-6.


To make the game less like a series of spreadsheets, I’ve decided that characters gain access to all the skills listed as class skills. The new skill resolution mechanic is

d20 + class level + 3 + modifiers

The multiclassing mechanic is simple. If a skill is a class skill for both classes, then you add the levels when you roll. Otherwise, you only use the one class. To pick-up skills outside the class skill list, there’s a feat Skill Knowledge that gets you 2 (or 3) extra class skills.

The Ranger

Is probably one of the most drastic alterations. My thinking is that rather than getting a bunch of situational bonuses related to enemies and locale, I’d just focus on making him a skilled hunter, trapper, guide, and skirmesher. HD is d10 and BAB is Martial. The special class features at first level are as follows:

A ranger requires less sleep, food, water to keep going. On a given day, he’ll wake up 2-4 hours earlier than the rest of the party to get a lay of the land and engage in his…

Morning routine
Much like a wizard, cleric, and druid, the Ranger needs some time to get his class abilities set-up for the day. Instead of preparing spells, he scours his environment for material to use in…

The Ranger can make a number of doses of poison equal to his Wisdom modifier. The effects vary based on level, but the saving throws are always DC 10 + 1/2 level + Wisdom. At first level, the poison causes an enemy to become Dazed.

Expert Tracker
The Ranger gains the Track feat, and adds his Ranger level to Track checks.

Other minor mods

Sorcerer casting
Rather than getting a set # of spells per day, the Sorcerer rolls lvl + Cha vs DC 15 + spell level. If he succeeds the check, he casts the spell normally. If he fails by 5 or less, he casts the spell but it is unusable for the rest of the day. If he fails by more than 5, the spell fails and is unusuable for the rest of the day. If he rolls a 19 or 20, he gets a spell critical, which enhances the effect somehow. If he rolls a 1, he loses the spell and there is a chance that a mishap occurs.

Sorcerers can also channel their magical blood into produce direct damaging effects. This spell-like ability is a ranged touch attack that deals 1d6 (+d6 every other level) damage, and is usable 3 + Con mod times per day.

Explosion dice
Every martial class rolls an extra “explosion die” (d6) in addition to the d20 used for a standard attack roll. If the die comes up 5 or 6, then the character can opt to perform a free combat maneuver. The type of maneuver allowed is class-dependent:

Barbarian Trip
Fighter Any
Paladin Sunder
Ranger Disarm

Class Modifications

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