Kobold Isles

A Mysterious Island
So Where Are the Kobolds Exactly?...

The beginning

Having gotten bored with the slow-life of pastoral Sun-worship and tide-watching, you all left your home on Rampart, and headed out in search of copper. Why copper? Well, had there been rumors of gold or platinum, you would have gone for that. After getting involved in the most boring shipwreck in history, you found yourselves in the vicinity of said metallic deposits, only to discover that you had found some kind of goblinoid civil strife and a seriously expansive tunnel-mine complex that may or may not contain what you originally set out to appropriate.

Inter-nicene goblin feuding

Goblins are semi-civilized atheists who have a dim view of outsiders and seem to believe in some kind of meritocratic chieftanship. They’re about as intelligent as people, but they don’t see the value in complicated construction or social organizations, unless maybe there’s a serious kickback. Currently, they are sitting on top of an extremely lucrative cash crop that produces stimulating effects in human-types, but they’ve also recently broke into three factions over who should be the next chieftan. Who knows how long these things last, but the goblin diplomat, Thark, has agreed to show a few members of the party how they prepare the vine that people seem to love so much.

Caves and mines

Based on intelligence and first-hand experience, there appear to be two networks of underground tunnels that are a mix of neglected mine-shafts and natural formations. These contain:

  1. large quantities of undead
  2. hard currency

…although the existence of the second one is much more speculative than the very real presence of the reanimated corpses of the long-deceased who skulk around in the darkness, fueled by their hatred of the living. That being said, a healthy portion of the undead in one segment of the mines has been cleared out recently by a motley crew of sellswords, spellcasters, and holymen.

Flora and fauna

The island consists of sandy beaches and tropical forests. Other than the goblins, there don’t seem to be any super-predators running amok, and the largest animal is deer. There are freshwater streams and fish.


  • Jack Vance: Half-Elven necromancer who camps in the woods with a skeletal servant Francis and a common manservant Rory. He’s studying crowd behavior of mindless undead. He’s the bastard son of a long-lived noble from another land, and seems like he spends most of his allowance living far from civilization and performing unsavory experiments.
  • Thark: Goblin liason who has been off the island a few times. His main job seems to be drinking in the pub at the trading post, and organizing the transport of “plant” from the goblin producers in the interior of the island to the human/elven traders on the outskirts.
  • Roderik: Sea-priest. From a land with a huge quantity of ships and sailors. He handles rituals for the drowned & departed along with prayers for good luck & safe passage. Seems decently knowledgeable about surrounding islands.

Other territories

North, there is an island-chain kingdom. To the SE, is Slavers’ Bay, which is apparently part of a much larger society whose primary exports are unfree labor and pointless cruelty. The South consists of rough seas and inhospitable islands, although apparently there are points of interest once such obstacles are overcome.

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